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Make Your Life Your Favorite Story

The Muse may be fickle, but your best work doesn't actually depend on her. Your life is YOURS to write, as are the amazing stories living inside of you.

The question is: are you available for all the creativity, inspiration, and motivation you can offer yourself? Are you willing to be authentic and vulnerable and hardworking?

Stick with me and we'll keep each other on track

The Authoress Behind To All The People Back Home

Maybe it's self-defeating to admit this, but it's important to be honest with yourself and with others. I am NOT the expert promising you will write the next NYT-bestseller. I'm just a girl figuring out some things and hoping to share.

I write ALL THE TIME, you see. I've picked up tips and resources, and that's fun to talk about. But, you know what really lights me up? Talking about ways to keep motivated, humbled, inspired, creative, and real.

I like being me and I just want you to like being you. When YOU are your best, you can CREATE your best.

Maybe where I'm from & where I'm going will show you how far you can go